Kalpita Pathak (any pronouns) received the James Michener Fellowship for her MFA in creative writing. She has worked as an educator on the college level, in afterschool programs, and in a science museum. She writes essays, poetry, and fiction.


Kalpita was late diagnosed as autistic and with both Ehlers-Danlos and Mast Cell Activation Syndromes. These diagnoses brought clarity and understanding to a life bewildered. She is an advocate, educating teachers, employers, care-givers, and loved ones on how to best support the disabled people in their lives.


Kalpita believes in changing the world to accommodate people’s needs, not the other way around. An avid martial artist and pragma-optimist, Kalpita has modified her practice – including making a heavy bag out of a duffel and body pillows – allowing her to continue kicking, punching, blocking, and advancing her way through life (figuratively, of course!).