1)UNMASKED: Snippets & notes from a lifetime collection of journals  (pre-diagnosis).
Advocating for autistic acceptance.




August 6, 1994  


I have needed  you so much this week.




1). C [a love interest]

2). more 2nd semester epiphanies

3).  B [best friend]

4). I [my dog] (probably not for a bit)



Kalpita Pathak
Age 19


😂 The most autistic beginning to any journal entry ever:


1). The anthropomorphism of my journal in the first sentence. My journal, my (only) friend. “You.”

2). Making a list of topics which I will be covering.

3). Planning ahead to not write about the last topic for awhile. Maybe a little overexplaining, too. 😬

4). My favorite number is 3. 3 exclamation points and 3 asterisks.


It feels so good to look at the structure of this. Any other autistic folk out there who love lists and structure and specific numbers? How about addressing inanimate objects as though they were alive (which they are, to us, at least!)?